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VIR-TI-CAL™ Scrubber

The VIRON® VIR-TI-CAL™ Scrubber is used in many Industrial and Municipal applications. Its uses include the cleaning of fumes from plating, anodizing, steel pickling, WWTP, printed circuit board plating, standard packing depth will range from 12" to 180". above the highest point of liquid. The sump pump's inherent design prevents any scrubber liquid from spilling on the floor. This type of unit is used primarily in southern climates where freezing is rare and where the unit is installed Lantec Lanpac®, Jaeger Tri-Packs®, or equal. The lower than 500 CFM, are available upon request. In addition to semi-conductor clean rooms, and corrosive odor control units. our standard sizes, VIRON® will also, upon request, quote and manufacture custom scrubbers. Our engineering staff is available to discuss your upcoming projects and we have been solving your When looking through this catalog it will become apparent that VIRON® manufactures many standard units ranging in size from 500 CFM to 100,000 CFM. Scrubbers, with capacity requirements toughest corrosive fume problems since 1971.